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Autowatch Ghost II CAN Immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser for CAN is the next generation of security for your vehicle. It safeguards your vehicle from hacking and key theft.

The Ghost II immobiliser can be installed in a matter of minutes and is extremely discrete. It's completely concealed, and doesn't make use of radio frequency signals or LED lights. Instead, it operates with the CAN-Bus system that is built into the vehicle. When the correct PIN code is entered, the Car ghost system (https://www.dgtss.gouv.Sn/fr/content/20-andcomers-watch-ghost-alarm-industry) will be locked.

Ghost-II immobiliser guards your vehicle against key cloning or hacking. It also prevents thieves from replacing your vehicle's ECU or putting in new keys. This means that you don't have to be concerned about having to replace your car.

A special smartphone application is included in the Ghost-II. This allows you remotely arm or dearm your immobiliser. The application allows you to change your PIN.

Ghost-II communicates via Bluetooth only, not unlike other immobilisers. It is not affected or hampered by radio frequency signals. It is nearly impossible to detect using diagnostics.

The Autowatch Ghost II CAN immobiliser also has two deactivation settings that are Valet/Service and Transport. If your vehicle is in Valet mode the device can be operated without a key. If you choose to use the Transport mode you must have your keys and the application near your vehicle.

The Ghost-II also has the advantage of being downloaded onto your smartphone. It runs in the background and you can connect up to two smartphones.

Additionally it is possible to install the Ghost-II can be installed by using your vehicle's CAN Data Network. Once the application is installed and your vehicle is connected, you are able to use your steering wheel or buttons on the dashboard to program your override codes.


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TASSA Registered

Ghost is a fantastic vehicle security device. It is easy to install and comes with a certificate of installation that is recognized by a variety of insurance companies. You may want to check if your local installer is certified by TASSA.

Your company must pass a series rigorous tests and checks to become a TASSA certified installer. TASSA is the official body for the field of vehicle security. TASSA is an independent organisation, maintains a database that includes information on registered owners. TASSA also conducts research and evaluates various vehicle security products.

TASSA has created the TASSA Approved Ghost Immobiliser Insurance companies and police officers. The device creates an individual PIN code that can't be duplicated or taken away. This technology connects to the CAN bus in your vehicle that allows it to lock your vehicle without cutting wires.

In addition to that, the TASSA Approved Autowatch ghost immobiliser comes with a QR code that allows your fingerprints to be scanned. This is the most recent and most effective feature of the system that can help increase security.

Although the TASSA is not an official security product for vehicles manufacturer, it is an independent body which ensures that the manufacturer's claims are truthful. Therefore a TASSA certified installer will guarantee that your vehicle's security solution is working properly.

You can be sure that the TASSA certified installer you choose is an experienced technician who understands how to do their job right. You will receive help and directions during the installation process.

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